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Fixed vs. Growth Mindset

Mindset is everything.  Your thoughts and beliefs dictate how you view the world and interact with it. If you think that success is impossible, you’re

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BBQ Basket Shrimp & Veggies

Supper could NOT be more simple…Here is what you need: Ingredients:-Sweet potatoes or baby potatoes-Zucchini-Cherry Tomato-Mushroom-Bell Peppers-Olive Oil-Sea Salt-Shrimp-Cajun Spice Instructions-Heat BBQ to medium heat-Wash

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Chocolate PB Banana Muffins

Oh, hello! I am delicious and nutritious! That mid afternoon lull, when your lunch is starting to wear off, supper is a few hours away,

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One Pot/Pan Weeknight Meals

Tasty Tip Tuesday!.We make a habit of posting the most beautiful and brightly coloured masterpieces of food… but this is a simple reminder that quick,

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BBQ Veggies and Potatoes

🍏Tasty Tip Tuesday!🍏.Can you sense spring in the air?You know what goes with spring?BBQS!.This grilled veggies and potatoes recipe is the perfect side to any

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Healthy Lunch Bowls

🍏Tasty Tip Tuesday🍏How to create a healthy lunch bowl!..Step ONE – Choose a healthy carb-Quinoa-Wild rice-Brown rice-Sweet Potatoes-Beans/lentils.Step TWO – Add some fresh veggies and

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