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Oatmeal Banana Waffles

🍏Tasty Tip Tuesday🍏One of our favourite things about waffles is that they are the perfect thing to freeze for a grab-and-go breakfast (or lunch, or

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Meet Jocelyn!

⭐Meet our Staff Monday!⭐Meet Jocelyn!!! Jocelyn is a Registered Dietician, and works alongside us a GPHF as one of our nutrition coaches. She has a

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Meet Rejeanne!

Rejeanne did our 90 day fitness and nutrition challenge, and this is her story ⬇️“I always thought I ate healthy it just was not at

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The Health and Fitness Lottery

Sometimes you might wonder why you never hear us talking about the “perfect” diet or exercise program. Why aren’t we telling you the magic secret? 

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Lockdown Fitness

Decisions.  Our whole day is a list of decisions made one right after the other. “Should I workout today?” “Should I just watch Netflix?.” “Should

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Meet Daniette!

Daniette is a busy teacher, mom, and overall rockstar. Amidst the craziness of being a teacher during COVID, Daniette has been committed to making healthy

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Meet Julie!

Julie is an amazing human being. Here is her story . “Over the last few years, I have suffered from depression and because of this,

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